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Compared to the previous webhosting services that I have used, which demanded a lot of time to configure and customize the site, iPage is a breath of fresh air. Not only is it easy to set up, but iPage also offers a number of tutorials and helpful FAQs if needed. The control panel is intuitive and provides quick access to the available tools, such as the MailCenter, DomainCentral and the various website tools. In addition, the iPage Customer Support team is very knowledgeable and friendly.


I am a new member of iPage and have found communicating with support is exceptional. I’ve heard horror stories about other web providers and feared for the worse. This has NOT been the case with iPage. Thanks iPage.


“I would like to compliment iPage.com on having Geoffrey on board as their Search Engine Optimization expert. He has helped our company rank on the first page under almost all of our keywords on Yahoo and MSN! He has given his time generously and explained when I didn’t understand things. Not only has he done his job, but he has gone “above and beyond the call of duty” with his attitude. Although we ranked in the first page under a few keywords, he wasn’t satisfied until we hit #1! It’s that kind of strength and support that is going to keep iPage having their customers coming back, and referring others to them.”


“You guys are incredible. I currently have around five accounts with you and I am extremely satisfied. You have excellent customer service and great products. I’ve tried many other servers and they prove to be like the stock market (crashing every other day). You guys are great. If I could pick one work to describe you, it would be “reliable”. Keep up the excellent work.”


I have hosted my site with iPage for several months now. I’ve had very few problems with them. One was with my email accounts not working correctly, the other was with a downtime with the MySQL server. They corrected both very quickly during the Live Support Chat. They do not support Cron jobs and the host is a little slow with WordPress, but it’s not a bad service overall.

Late Night Books

i am very please with this company. Every issue that i have had some one was always will to help me solve a problem that i was having. i took a chance to go with what i have read on the internet about this company being number one and they are right. a person can’nt go wrong starting a website this company, in return this company have given me the confindent that i can do this. thank you ipage!

Mary Stewart

I have been impressed with iPage since Day 1. I’ve been with the company for about 6 months now and they have always been very friendly and quick in dealing with issues. The staff is helpful and really seem like they want to be there. I love when I find a company with such caring employees—gives me a little hope for this world!

Suzzane Pike

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