iPage Review – Complete iPage.com Review!

Before purchasing web hosting it is important to thoroughly review the host.  As experts in the web hosting industry we have had the opportunity to test and review hundreds of web hosting providers and hope that our expertise can help you in your efforts to find the perfect web host.  In this iPage review we will be looking at iPage.com and how they rank in the these categories: Affordability, Customer Support, Features, Growth, and Server Reliability.

iPage Affordability:


If you are looking for an affordable web hosting provider that still provides a reliable service iPage.com is for you!  There are very few web hosting providers who can provide top-notch web hosting for under five dollars a month; however, iPage does just that.  Due to the fact that iPage is a part of the web’s largest web hosting provider, they are able to offer hosting at insanely low rates due to the sheer volume of sales that they make each and every day.  iPage operates on a very small profit margin which benefits your pocket book tremendously.  You won’t find reliable hosting any cheaper than iPage.com so for the category of Affordability we give this host 5-stars!  Be sure to check out our iPage $3.95 page to lock in our special promo pricing!

iPage Customer Support:

: 4.5 STARS

The great thing about iPage’s custom support team is that they can be reached either by phone, e-mail, or live-chat.  Not only is their team ready to help you with your problems but they have also created a knowledge base that can quickly help you with common problems.  I ran a test to see how quickly I could call iPage’s support line and actually speak with an operator and to my surprise the hold time was relatively short.  In my tests of over 100 web hosting companies I found only two hosts that had shorter hold periods than iPage.com.  The support team at iPage seemed very friendly and they were more than eager to help me with my problem.  I was very pleased with the level of support that iPage.com provided me.

iPage Features:


No other host will give you as much bang for your buck as iPage!   It is absolutely crazy to think about the amount of freebies that iPage gives users when they first sign up for a web hosting account.  Not only does iPage give users access to the web’s most popular features including: FTP, MySQL, Frontpage Support, etc. etc.  BUT they go above and beyond and gives users much more than all other hosts!   Just a few of the features that iPage gives their users include: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a FREE domain name, FREE Google, Yahoo, and Facebook marketing credits, site-builder tools, and even a free security suite!  These are just a few of the features that this great host offers!  To view a complete list of features click here!

iPage Growth:

: 4.5 STARS

When reviewing a web hosting company I think it is important to take a very good look at the host’s growth.  If a host is growing it is a sign that they are keeping their customers happy and word-of-mouth promotion is on the rise!  If you see a drastic drop in growth it may be something to be concerned about.  iPage.com is one of the web’s fastest growing web hosting providers!  I believe the rapid growth that iPage has experienced is due to their exception customer support and VERY affordable pricing.  Although the chart below is not a completely accurate representation of iPage’s growth, it will give you a general idea to how fast this great host is growing!

iPage Server Reliability:

: 4.5 STARS

If you are going to host a website you want to make sure that your website is up and viewable on the internet AT LEAST 99% of the time.  There is not such thing as 100% up-time, periodically a server must be pulled down for a few minutes for maintenance or for security checks; however, iPage.com is by far one of the best hosts about ensuring you experience maximum uptime!  Our friends at WebHostingBreak developed a really cool script that tracks the iPage.com server uptime.  As you can see from this script, iPage.com has had little to no downtime over the past few days which is a clear signal that their server reliability is phenomenal!  If you are looking for a reliable server for an affordable rate, iPage.com is the host for you!




iPage is by far one of the best web hosting providers on the web, they have excelled in all five testing categories of this iPage review.  We personally endorse iPage and feel confident that you will be happy with their service.  Be sure to use our exclusive iPage $3.50 promo link to lock in an exclusive discount on your iPage hosting purchase!