iPage Backup

If you are looking for a web hosting provider that provides you with an excellent way to backup your website, iPage.com is the host for you!  When building a website it is extremely important that you keep an up-to-date backup copy of your website files just in case something happens with your web server.  iPage backups are extremely easy to use; in fact, for a minimum fee you can purchase a nightly iPage backup of your site; which I highly suggest.  In this guide I will outline a few of the ways that you can backup your website when hosting with iPage.com.

Automated Website Backups:

If you have a website and you don’t want to worry about manually backing it up on a daily basis I would highly suggest that you purchase the automated website backup upgrade when signing up with iPage web hosting.  During the sign-up process at iPage you will have the option to purchase an automated nightly ipage backup (see below); simply check that box when signing up and your site will be backed up by iPage.com.  The automated backup upgrade will only cost you $12.95 a year (slightly over a dollar a month) and this small fee can SAVE YOU BIG if you ever need to have a backup of your website.  Once again, we fully recommend and endorse the automated iPage backup.

Be sure to check this option to enable iPage automated backups.

Manual Website Backups:

iPage also provides an excellent PC backup option (for free) that makes it easy to backup your website files to your PC.  If you did not sign up for the automated website iPage backups, it is absolutely essential that you perform manual website backups periodically.  In order to perform a manual backup simply log in to your iPage CPANEL (vDeck) and click on the Backup and Restore button.  You will need to backup your files periodically to your computer and if you want to restore your files you can do it from here as well.  For those who are looking for the absolute best price on hosting and want to avoid the extra fee for automated backups, the iPage manual backup programs provides an excellent alternative.

Learn more about iPage Backups.

Why iPage is a Great Web Host:

iPage has truly excelled in the web hosting industry and there are many reasons for this.  First, as we have mentioned above iPage provides excellent backup options which gives their users security when hosting their files.  iPage also provides VERY affordable web hosting.  In fact, users can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited MySQL, and a free domain name for only $1.99 a month!

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